What is nitrous oxide sedation?

Nitrous oxide sedation, often known as laughing gas, is ideal for patients who want to feel relaxed and calm during their appointments. This type of sedation involves inhaling a colorless, odorless gas through a mask, inducing relaxation and reducing anxiety. We often use nitrous oxide to ease any fears you may have and pair it with local anesthesia to make treatments more comfortable. Nitrous oxide sedation in dentistry only takes about two minutes to kick in after we administer it!

Is nitrous oxide safe?

When administered by a nitrous oxide dentist, nitrous oxide sedation is safe and effective. In many cases, nitrous oxide provides mild to moderate sedation, allowing patients to remain conscious and responsive. Though safe, there are some potential side effects. At Ballston Dental Care, our nitrous oxide dentist will evaluate your medical history and treatment plan to ensure your safety. If you experience any issues after your treatment, we encourage you to give us a call right away.

How long does nitrous oxide last?

One of the pros and cons of nitrous oxide sedation is how quickly nitrous oxide wears off. Once the administration of nitrous oxide is discontinued, we administer pure oxygen to help you feel clear and experience its effects wearing off within minutes. Barring any side effects, you should be able to drive home safely and continue your regular activities. The rapid onset and offset make nitrous oxide a convenient choice for dental procedures, as it minimizes downtime for you!

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