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What is dental digital radiography?

Dental digital radiographs are a type of imaging that use digital X-ray sensors to produce enhanced computer images of teeth, gums, and other oral structures. These images can help better detect, diagnose, and treat dental issues. Digital radiographs can be taken intraoral or extraoral for different purposes. In our office, our team is highly trained in using digital X-ray machines to safely and accurately capture images of your teeth and jaw.

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What are the advantages of using digital radiography?

Digital radiography plays an essential role in diagnosing and documenting dental concerns or issues. Digital technology provides many advantages over other traditional X-ray methods. With digital radiography, less radiation exposure is emitted, which offers more safety to patients. These images also produce in a shorter time, allowing your situation to be assessed quickly. Digital radiology can also be slightly more comfortable and produce better-quality images!

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Are digital X-rays harmful?

It is widely known that you are exposed to radiation when you get an X-ray. Frequent radiation exposure can become harmful over time. However, digital X-rays emit less radiation. Fortunately, digital X-rays aren’t necessary each time you visit our office. Typically, we request digital X-rays when you are a new patient so we can provide proper treatment and understand your oral health. We also may request digital X-rays for patients that have not seen our team in a while or are expressing concerns that can better be seen with an X-ray.

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