What are iTero scanners used for?

iTero scanners are innovative digital devices primarily used in dentistry for capturing highly accurate 3D impressions of patients’ teeth. These impressions are crucial for creating custom dental restorations, including dental implants, crowns, and bridges, and ensuring that they function properly and blend in with the surrounding teeth. iTero scanners are also used to create custom oral appliances, like Invisalign® aligners and custom nightguards, and ensure that they fit perfectly and feel comfortable on the patient’s teeth.

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What are the benefits of iTero digital scanners?

  • Accuracy: Traditional methods of taking dental impressions often involve materials like alginate or silicone. These materials can distort or shrink, leading to inaccuracies in the impression. iTero scanners provide precise digital impressions, minimizing errors and ensuring a more accurate representation of the patient’s oral anatomy.
  • Comfort: Patients often find traditional impression-taking methods uncomfortable due to the need to bite down on trays filled with impression material for at least one full minute. iTero scanners eliminate this discomfort by quickly and comfortably scanning the teeth and gums with a wand-like device, without the need for any messy materials.
  • Efficiency: Digital impressions captured by iTero scanners can be instantly viewed on a computer screen, allowing dental professionals to assess the quality of the impression in real-time. This immediate feedback enables adjustments to be made promptly if necessary, streamlining the entire process and reducing chair time for the patient.
  • Patient Engagement: iTero scanners offer patients a unique opportunity to see their oral anatomy in 3D on a computer screen. This visual representation helps them better understand their condition and treatment options, fostering greater engagement and collaboration in their dental care.
  • Compatibility: Digital impressions obtained from iTero scanners can be seamlessly integrated with CAD/CAM systems used for designing and manufacturing dental restorations. This compatibility ensures precise fabrication of dental prosthetics, leading to better-fitting and longer-lasting restorations.
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What are digital impressions like from the patient’s perspective?

If you have negative memories from getting dental impressions taken in the past—don’t worry. Our team will work in sections, gently drying your teeth before running the handheld scanner over the top, bottom, and sides of your teeth. The iTero will be capturing thousands of images in the process, and you will be able to see your digital impressions being created on the screen next to you. If at any point you’d like to take a break, we’d be happy to oblige. Patient comfort and safety is our top priority, and our digital impressions are much more comfortable than traditional dental impressions of the past!

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