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When should I start bringing my child to the dentist?

Parents are sometimes surprised to learn that a child’s first dental visit should take place around the time their first tooth grows in or when they turn one, whichever happens first. This may seem early, but the earlier your child can begin visiting the dentist, the more likely it is that any dental issues that develop can be taken care of quickly and effectively.

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When should my child get braces?

We can begin talking about Invisalign when your child is as young as seven years old. It’s likely that they will not start orthodontic treatment at that point in time, but we will make a note on their treatment plan that they want to pursue clear aligner therapy, assess their teeth and bite, and then recommend an ideal timeframe for them to begin treatment.

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How often do kids need to visit the dentist?

Kids should visit the dentist just as often as adults, or twice per year. It’s important that their baby teeth are well taken care of because any tooth decay or damage that happens to baby teeth can actually affect the adult teeth underneath. Regular dental visits also help kids get used to visiting the dentist, which can lead to them becoming dental health-conscious adults.

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How can I help my child’s dental anxiety?

It’s perfectly normal for any patient to be anxious at the dentist, especially kids. We recommend speaking about dental care in a positive way with your child and offering them as much helpful information as you can (our team can help with this too). During their visit, they are welcome to request a blanket and put a kid-friendly show on their TV to help the time fly by!

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