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teeth whitening
General Dentistry

Teeth Whitening and Extending Your Results

Professional teeth whitening treatments allow you to feel better about the way you look with a relatively small amount of effort. The whitening procedure is fairly quick to perform and is normally cost-effective for any of our patients that wish to have it done.  Whiter teeth have a direct correlation with most people to a heightened self-esteem too so it’s important that once you whiten them, the results last for a while! It’s important to

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replace missing teeth
General Dentistry

Best Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

Missing one or more teeth in your mouth is a cause for concern among most people this day and age. You are aware of their importance when it comes to how your smile looks and the chewing abilities which they provide to you, but you might not know that replacing missing teeth can be mostly painless and restore your smile to what it once was. Millions of people need to replace missing teeth and it’s

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aggressive Teeth brushing
Oral Health

Brushing Your Teeth Harder Is Not Better

Have you ever spilled spaghetti sauce on your pant-leg before? The normal procedure is to rush to some water and scrub vigorously so you get the stain out of the clothing fibers. That aggressive, back and forth scrubbing helps in this situation, leaving you with stain-free pants. Although this aggressive scrubbing can help in instances such as this, when it comes to your mouth, teeth and gums, brushing harder to clean better is definitely not

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